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It's Why That Matters

Fans of CTV's hit new crime drama, Motive

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The first LJ community for fans of CTV's hit show, "Motive"!

Community Rules

1. TAGS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Please tag your posts appropriately. If you are unsure how to tag your posts, please read this.

2. BE NICE. I think this goes without saying, but be respectful and courteous to your fellow group members - even if you may disagree with them. :) This keeps the community fun for everyone. While discussions and respectful debate is encouraged, please note we will not tolerate any bashing, hate speech, bullying or abuse towards any community member or person (i.e. actor, director, etc).

3. CUT STUFF. Icons, art, fanfiction, videos, fanmixes - anything creative - is highly encouraged! However, please post only a few icons or a small teaser image outside of an LJ-cut, and feel free to put the rest of your entry after the cut, or link to your own journal. This keeps the community tidy. If you do not know how to use cuts, please read here.

4. SPOILERS. Some of us like to be spoiled, some of us don't. When posting spoilers (defined as anything about an episode that has not aired yet), please post them BEHIND an LJ-Cut.

If you need any help or have any questions about the motive_fans community, please feel free to ask our maintainer, michysquishy. Thank you & happy community-ing! :)

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